Confederate Cemetery, Appomattox Historical Park

Located on the grounds of the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park.

Information for this cemetery was extracted from the publication, "The Confederate Cemetery at Appomattox", by Patrick A. Schroeder, 1999, published by Patrick A. Schroeder Publications. There is a wealth of information about those buried here, and of the battle resulting in the surrender of the Confederate Forces. Copies of this book can be purchased online from The Bivouac.

Buried here are the remains of 19 Confederate Soldiers, of whom only 8 are known. They died in the last few days of the war.


Ashby, John William, of Stone Bridge, Clarke County, d. 9 Apr 1865, Co. I. 12th Virginia Cavalry

Demesme, Oscar, enlisted 13 Sep 1861, Co. D. Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery

Douglas, J. W.

Hicks, Alanson B., d. 9 Apr 1865, Co. D. 26th Virginia Infantry, enlisted 28 May 1861 at Mathews Court House, Virginia

Hogan, John A., d. 10 Apr 1865, Co. E. 26th Georgia Infantry, enlisted on 20 May 1861 in Brunswick

Hutchins, Jesse H., d. 8 Apr 1865, Co. H. 5th Alabama Battalion Infantry, enlisted 15 Apr 1861 at Livingston, Alabama

Macon, Miles Cary, d. 8 Apr 1865, 38th Battalion Virginia Artillery, enlisted 25 Apr 1861 at 23 yrs. in Richmond

Winn, Francis M., d. 9 Apr 1865, Co. E. 9th Georgia Artillery, enlisted 6 May 1862 in Atlanta


There are 11 other graves containing unknown remains. Apparently one of these was a Federal Soldier. The book contains information as to where these bodies were found.

There are Confederate burials in various locations near this cemetery, and the book details those burials as well.