South Central Virginia Genealogical Society, Inc.

Locust Grove Cemetery

BERKLEY, Publius Jones 12 Aug 1834 04 Jan 1915 C.S.A.
BERKLEY, Sarah "Sally" Smith 1837 12 Aug 1885 wife of P.J. Berkley
MOORE, Ella Emmit Berkley 1869 1928 wife of Jessie Lee Moore
MOORE, Jessie Lee 1861 1926  
SMITH, Frances Harrison Poindexter 11 Nov 1811 1886 "Frankie" -- wife of John D. Smith
SMITH, Issac Watt, Sr 1760 1845 Revolutionary War Soldier
SMITH, John Douglas 14 Apr 1804 18 Mar 1876  
SMITH, Sarah Hancock   1812 wife of Issac W. Smith , Sr

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